Meet The Staff

  • Reception
    The first and last people you see at the clinic, we are proud of our reception staff. They will do all they can to assist you with your visit and are extreme multi-taskers! Answering phones, sorting through prescription requests, checking patients and boarders in and out, making sure the boarding and hospital staff are who is in the building and what is coming in. Our receptionists also callback any patients our doctors want a follow-up call on, confirm appointments and boarding reservations. They are like air traffic control for a veterinary clinic.

    Nichole, Lisa, Tami and Bonny will do everything they can to make your visit at Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital as smooth as possible.

  • Hospital

    Our veterinary technicians and assistants will make sure we know what needs to be done for your appointment. They will review your records, collect an accurate history from our owners, get vitals on all of the patients (weight, temperature, pulse, respiratory rate) and collect any samples the doctors request. They will fill any prescriptions that have been requested and will go over treatment plans and discharges with owners during their visits. Our hospital staff also will go over estimates with you to make sure you are aware of the cost of services planned for that day. They are responsible for prepping our surgery suite, getting patients ready for surgery, monitoring vitals during surgery, and safely recovering our patients post-anesthesia.

    Catie, Mileidy, Kirsten, Whitney, Amber, and DeeDee will take care of your pets during their veterinary visit.

  • Boarding
    The boarding staff are there to take care of your 4-legged family members during their stay at Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital while you are away. They ensure the dog and cat boarding areas are clean and that all the boarders have fresh water and food. If you have brought your pet's own food, they make sure your pet's get their food as you have requested. They keep track of leashes, collars, toys, bowls, beds and also do all the laundry for the boarding and hospital facility. The exercise yard is poop scooped several times daily to keep it clean. If you call to check on your pet during their stay, you may speak with one of the boarding staff. They will also check your pet in and out, so you will meet them face-to-face

    Naomi, Kayla, Anna, Amber, and Kirsten are there to make your pet's feel comfortable while they are away from home.

  • Office

    Our practice manager and general IT go-to person is Antonio. He is married to Dr Davis and he deals with all the financial matters she prefers to avoid. He has recently been joined by Jessica, a veterinary technician recovering from an injury. She is helping with ordering, staff training, etc... These two keep the cogs turning from behind the scenes. We wouldn't work as smooth without them.

    Antonio and Jessica keep us working the behind the scenes


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