Boarding Your Pet

ace525a8_7f00_0001_0a34_58372eba11b3.jpgWhen you board your dog with us, he or she will enjoy a climate controlled environment with constant air changes so that the air is always fresh. Instead of bars or chain link barriers, our larger runs feature full panel tempered glass doors for an open view. He or she will be able to enjoy our pet playground three times daily during play times. Water is changed twice daily so it is always fresh and Purina Veterinary Diet EN is fed in order to assure an easy transition from the food which is fed at home, though you are always welcome to bring your pet’s own diet.

When you board your cat with us, he or she will enjoy their own private “condo” with a cubby hole to hide in. Our separate cat room is insulated and quiet to avoid stress caused by barking dogs. Windows provide a view into our backyard. The condos can be expanded for those housemates who would like to enjoy their stay here together.

Please call us for prices and availability! 904-940-0655

Our boarding facility has been specifically designed to include:
A secured fenced playground for dogs
Well-insulated, climate-controlled boarding rooms
A fabulous outdoor view for cats from their own 'condo'
Fire and security monitors that are active when the staff is gone

Services Provided at No Additional Charge Include:

Administration of any medications needed
All dogs have access to our outdoor pet playground 3 times daily minimally
If needed, outside time alone at no additional charge
Supervised play with other dogs, if appropriate

All intact (not neutered) males and intact (not spayed) females over 6 months old will only permitted out in the yard alone or with neutered/spayed family members.
Intact males and females must also be boarded alone. No sharing of a run, even with housemates.
In-heat females must board alone and will have exercise time alone only.

Vaccine Requirements for Boarding are as follows:
(Records are required prior to arrival)

Cats must be current on:

Dogs must be current on:
Bordetella (Annually)
Fecal  (Every 6 months)




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