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Two of our own, Catie Clark and Jessica Misora, had extraordinarily bad years in 2018...and they are still going.

Catie had three different cancers diagnosed and treated, and developed a neuropathy. She has kept working with us as best she can, but her medical bills are mounting. She is also lives with her parents as their caregiver and income generator, as they are both unable to work. Visit her GoFundMe campaign, A Tale of Three Cancers.

Jessica GFM

Jessica was working with manatees and had one crush her dominant arm. As a result, she developed a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She has been unable to work since the accident, and is still not back with us. She has growing medical and legal bills. Visit her GoFundMe campaign, Burning for a Cure, the Fire Inside.

Please read about our girls and spread the word. The more people that know about them, the more people can help! They are both amazing people and neither have given up in the face of adversity

Donations can be anonymous and are only accessible by each of the girls.


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