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At Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital, we like to provide our clients with reliable information about their pet's health and behavior. We regularly send owners home with information from the Veterinary Partner site, which is powered by the Veterinary Information Network. The information is reliable, current and written by veterinarians. The Internet can be a valuable source of information, but also misinformation, and we want to start our owners off in the right direction.

Veterinary Partner has sections on behavior, health, pet diseases and a pet pharmacy. The information is not limited to dogs and cats either. There are also articles on horses, "pocket pets", reptiles and birds.

We hope you will use this link to Veterinary Partner as a starting point for trustworthy information about your pet and a starting point for looking up more.

You can always contact us via email at or call at 904-940-0655 as well.


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