Most boarding stays with BTVH do not require a deposit. During school holidays for St Johns County Schools and other major holidays, we can get quite busy and may have people on a waiting list. During these busier times, we do require a deposit equivalent to 1 night’s stay of your reservation. The deposit will be put toward the boarding reservation when you check your pets out.

If you cancel in less than 2 full working days before your scheduled reservation or do not come at all, the deposit will not be refunded.

Following are the holidays we will require a boarding deposit:

  • January 18-20, 2020 – Martin Luther King Day – Student/Teacher Holiday (Monday)
  • Jan 31- Feb2, 2020 – Teacher In-service Day – Student Holiday (Friday)
  • February 15-17, 2020 – Presidents Day – Student/Teacher Holiday (Monday)
  • March 13-22, 2020 – Spring Break – Student/Teacher Holiday (Friday)
  • April 10-13, 2020 – Holiday – Student/Teacher Holiday (Friday & Monday)
  • May 23-25, 2020 – Memorial Day (Monday)
  • July 4-5 – Independence Day (Saturday)
  • September 5-7, 2020 – Labor Day- Student/Teacher Holiday (Monday)
  • October 10-12, 2020 – Teacher Planning Day – Student Holiday (Monday)
  • November 11, 2020 – Veteran’s Day – Student/Teacher Holiday (Wednesday)
  • November 23-29,2020 – Thanksgiving Week
  • Dec 19, 2020-Jan 4, 2021 – Winter Break – Student/Teacher Holiday
  • January 2-4, 2021 – Teacher Planning Day-Student Holiday (Monday)
  • January 16-18, 2021 – Martin Luther King Day – Student/Teacher Holiday (Monday)
  • January 29-31, 2021 – Teacher In service Day – Student Holiday (Friday)
  • February 13-15, 2021 – Presidents Day – Student/Teacher Holiday (Monday)
  • March 12-21, 2021 – Spring Break – Student/Teacher Holiday
  • April 2-4, 2021 – Student/Teacher Holiday (Friday)
  • May 29-31, 2021 – Memorial Day (Monday)

No, we provide a gastrointestinal veterinary diet, Purina EN, to all of our boarders at no additional charge. This makes the transition from the food at home to our food much easier on the belly. We are always more than happy to feed your pet his/her own food if you prefer!

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm and Saturdays from 8am – 1pm. You are welcome to drop your pet off anytime during our business hours. We do not admit or discharge pets after hours.

If you are a new client to us, please allow for an additional 15 minutes or so to finish up final paperwork to get your pet checked in.

No, we do not have overnight staff. We have a full service fire alarm and security monitoring system to keep your pets safe in the event of an emergency. If a pet has been sick, or is hospitalized, we do have staff members scheduled to come and check on these pets.

Yes, we do a quick behavior question and answer with you at drop off to see if you think your pet would enjoy playing with other dogs. It is romper room in the back yard when it is time to play during the day! Our normal routine is to let the seniors out together, the larger dogs, and then the small dogs. Families always go out together unless requested otherwise. If your pet would rather be solo, of course that is not a problem. There are no additional charges for playtime outside. On average, dogs are let out for free time 4-6 times a day.

When your pets share a run or kitty condo, the price is discounted. We reserve the right to separate any housemates as deemed necessary, owners will be billed accordingly.

Intact males and females must board individually, even housemates. No cats with dogs please!

Please bring any comfort items you think your pet will need to make their stay more comfortable! We advise against bringing their nicest bed in case there is an unexpected accident as the stuffing in most beds is difficult to clean. We will try to return your pet’s personal items intact and clean, but understand there can be no guarantees. We recommend you label all personal items before your pet’s stay to help ensure that the staff can keep track of them.