Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic!

Our chalkboard out front will have a red, yellow, or green mask wearing notice on it depending on the daily county update of the CDC’s Covid-19 community levels website.

  • LOW (Green)– Very low community transmission risk. Masks NOT needed in indoor public spaces.
  • MEDIUM (Yellow) Moderate risk of community spread. Mask advised for individuals with high risk factors for severe illness due to other medical conditions.
  • HIGH (Red) – High risk of community spread. Masks needed in indoor public spaces. We ask that you mask in the building if the risk factor is HIGH.

At all levels, people are welcome to wear a mask. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should request a curbside appointment.


If levels go back to high transmission, we will may potentially have to go back to our old protocol below…

We are still limiting contact between staff and clients in an effort to keep everyone safe. Here are some things to know for your next visit:

What do I do on arrival?

Please park in one of the numbered parking spots, then call or text us at 904-940-0655 and let us know you have arrived. If a room is available, a team member will ask you to come to the front door and escort you to your exam room. If a room is not ready, please wait and we will come to your car to escort you in. Let us know which parking space you are in!

Are masks required?

Yes! All clients must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth to come into the clinic for their pets’ exam. If you do not have one, we will be glad to see your pet with our curbside protocol!

How many people can come in for the appointment?

Ideally, one person only per appointment will be permitted into the clinic and expect to remain in the exam room unless directed otherwise. In an effort to maintain minimal contact for your safety and ours, we are continuing to minimize the number of people in the building.

Should I bring my own hand sanitizer?

Not a requirement! There is a hand sanitizer at the door that you can use before entering the clinic. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the clinic for clients to use.

I’m worried about coming in with my pet. Am I able to remain in my car for the visit?

Absolutely! Just let the staff know when you make the appointment and remind us again on arrival that you prefer to have your appointment as hands-free curbside. When you arrive, call or text us at (904) 940-0655 so we can alert our hospital staff and they can start your curbside visit.

I think I might be sick. What should I do for my appointment?

If you are ill with symptoms of respiratory diseases, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, or fatigue, please stay at home.

We ask NON urgent visits to please re-schedule until after you are well. Healthy friends or family members that can bring your pet, let us know and we will prepare. For an urgent visit, if you are the only one available, let us know so our team can prepare appropriately for your visit. We will be available for you in an emergency!

What to expect for your appointment:

Exam with owner:

  • Call or text (904-940-0655on arrival to let the team know you have arrived. Let us know which parking spot you are in.
  • You will need a mask that covers your nose and mouth to enter the clinic.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the clinic.
  • A team member will escort you to an exam room. Please remain in the exam room at all times!
  • Only one person permitted into the clinic per visit, please.
  • Your technician will ask you questions about your pet’s history and confirm the reason for your visit. They will go over an initial estimate for possible services with you then.
  • Your technician will then walk/carry your pet to the treatment area where the veterinarian will perform a thorough exam.
  • The veterinarian will return to the exam room and go over their exam findings and recommendations.
  • If further treatments/procedures are required, we will update your estimate.
  • After completing your visit, you will be directed to check out with our receptionist team. Please stand at the marked location in front of the plexiglass shields.
  • If you prefer to wait in the exam with your pet while payment is collected, that’s okay too! Just let a team member know.
  • After payment, a team member will walk you back to the front door and assist you to your car if needed.

Drop-off procedures:

  • Owners with pet’s being dropped off for day procedures will continue to have curbside visits. Please call or text when you arrive.
  • A technician will call or come out to your car and can collect a history to confirm the reason for your visit.
  • A team member will come to your car to collect your pet, or they can meet you at the front door if you are advised they are expecting you.
  • The veterinarian will call after completing their exam and go over findings and recommendations.
  • You can pay by phone prior to picking your pet up, or you can pay at reception on your arrival at your discharge time.
  • Please text/call on arrival. You can come in or we can bring your pet to you in your car if you have no questions.

Drop-offs boarding:

Boarder’s being dropped off will also continue to have curbside visits. Please call or text when you arrive.

  • The boarding staff will call or come out to your car and go over feeding, medicating and any special instructions you may have. They will come to your car and collect your pet.
  • If you have brought food, please have it in easily disinfected containers. Please minimize bringing toys, beds or blankets from home.
  • Boarding pets will enter and exit through our side door, minimizing congestion in reception.
  • When picking your boarded pet up, please text or call to let our team know you have arrived.
  • If you have not paid by phone already, a receptionist will go over your charges and collect your payment by phone. A receipt can be emailed directly to you.
  • A boarding team member will bring your pet and belongings to your car.