Many of our more specialized bloodwork assays or for histology samples, we send samples routinely to Antech Laboratories.

We have an on-site digital x-ray unit. Many times x-rays can be performed without sedation, but if it is needed for positioning of a difficult or tricky location, we can sedate your pet and do x-rays at the clinic. Our veterinarians can interpret the x-rays immediately, but if they want a second opinion, there are veterinary specialists the radiographs can be sent to for their recommendations.

We have a board-certified diagnostic imaging veterinarian that functions as a mobile unit. We can arrange to have him come to the clinic for an in-house ultrasound and interpretation. He can perform guided needle biopsies if they are indicated. He will also interpret radiographs sent to him if needed.

Veterinarians are fortunate to be one of the only medical professions that can maintain an in-house pharmacy. This means we can provide most medicines your pet might need on the day of your visit. If there is something we do not have on the premises, we can often have it within 24 hours or a script can be called in to a human pharmacy that does have it. Remember, like your doctor, to continue to refill a prescription a doctor needs to have seen your pet in the last 12 month period. Some medications that your pet is on daily may require regular blood testing to monitor for effectiveness as well as organ function.

We are able to treat arthritis, host spots, otitis, infected anal sacs, etc…with our laser to help reduce inflammation and pain. We use it on all of out spays and neuters, as well as after all of our dental procedures. It is has really helped with post-surgical recoveries! Plus the patients get to wear cool Doggles!


The best form of permanent identification you can have for your pet! They will be in a permanent database where you can update your address and phone contacts if they change. We are proud to use HomeAgain microchips. A part of our microchipping service is to register your pet the day the microchip is inserted.

Used to check intra-ocular pressures, necessary to monitor for diseases like glaucoma and uveitis.

In addition to monitoring during surgeries, we can also check your pet’s blood pressure when they are awake with our Doppler blood pressure machine. Thyroid disease in cats and kidney and heart diseases can all affect blood pressure and indicate a need for treatment.

This can be performed in-house and have the results sent by phone to a board-certified cardiologist for interpretation and treatment recommendations.

For patients with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases, we are able to provide an isolation ward that allows for easy visual contact throughout the day. Spread of disease other patients can be minimized, while permitting exceptional care and monitoring by our staff.

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