Our veterinarians are able to perform many surgeries ranging from spays and neuters to bladder and intestinal surgeries. We do refer our orthopedic cases and other complicated surgical cases to the Veterinary Orthopedic and Mobility CenterBluePearl Veterinary Specialists, and Capital Veterinary Specialists where board-certified veterinary surgeons can provide the best care for your pet’s needs.

Discharge will generally be at 4:30 in the afternoon. (Sometimes earlier discharges may be arranged) A veterinary technician will go over the procedure that was performed as well as information on how to take care of your pet once they arrive home.

We monitor blood pressure and oxygen levels during surgical procedures with special monitoring equipment, like your doctor would, but our technicians also perform hands-on monitoring throughout surgical procedures. We also provide a warm water blanket to safely help maintain body temperature during anesthesia. For our smaller patients, we have a recovery kennel that is heated.

Our anesthesia machines are regularly calibrated and checked to provide the safest oxygen and anesthesia levels to your pet.

For owners that elect to have their pet have an intravenous catheter placed and receive fluids during surgery, IV pumps are used to provide the correct fluid rate for each patient. We strongly recommend all surgical cases to have an IV catheter! It permits us to administer emergency medicines if needed and we can adjust fluid rates to help maintain a target blood pressure.

One of our team members will call or message you, once your pet has recovered safely from anesthesia, to let you know how the procedure went and confirm a discharge time.

Fasting Instructions For Pets Scheduled For Surgery

Be sure to feed the pet prior to 8pm the night before the surgical procedure. Make sure to pick up the food bowl by 8pm to ensure the pet does not eat food during the night. Water can be offered throughout the night, but remember to pick up the water bowl by 7am the morning of the procedure.

The day of the procedure, please arrive at the clinic between 8-8:15am. Allow some time for the technician to go over the treatment plan, answer any questions you may have and for you to sign the anesthesia release forms.