We scale and polish your pet’s teeth the same as your dentist does yours. Tooth scaling removes plaque and tartar. We perform tooth scaling manually and with an ultrasonic scaler. We scale both below and above the gum line.

Our technicians chart the teeth. They record any periodontal disease (disease below the gum line), missing teeth, extracted teeth or other abnormalities.

Our technicians perform dental x-rays to detect any disease below the gum line. We also take x-rays for confirmation of complete removal of teeth when we have extracted an unhealthy tooth. Teeth can appear normal above the gum, but lurking below with x-rays we can see bone loss, abscesses and even extra roots. For extractions, our high speed drill makes tooth removal of even difficult teeth simpler and less traumatic.

A local board certified veterinary dentist is available for referral if severe or difficult problems are detected. We must provide anesthesia in able to perform proper dental procedures. Pets will not sit still and open their mouth like we do! Thanks to dental x-ray, drills, and also pawesome pet parents scheduling preventative annual dental procedures, we can reduce anesthesia time significantly.

A little birdie is letting you know that February and September are pet dental months every year. You can save 20% off your pet’s dental during those months. We also have Wellness Plans that include an annual dental making it even more affordable to keep preventative dental cleanings for your pet and keep the “dog breath” under control.